Club Coordinator


Alicia Watson

I have a degree BSC in Sport Science, where I studied a number of topics such a;

Sport Nutrition, Biomechanics’ of the body, and Research methods in Physical Activity

Sports Philosophy and sociology, Growth, maturation and physical education

Economics of leisure and sport, Sport and politics

Sports social problems and issues and Sport in the city, then became a qualified PE Teacher

I was the u16’s County A Squad Coach for three years and I then became the U16’s Merit squad coach for one year this was when they had games and before all the changes to academies extra, I left when it was re structured.

I also played at county level from the age of 13 to 18 and I have played in the 1st division.

Below is a list of the courses I’ve been on and full filled;

• First Aid course

• Equity in your coaching

• Coach and volunteer workshop

• A club for all course

• Child protection

• Working with young athletes

• Level 1 rounder’s coach, Level 1 basketball coach ,Level 1 Athletics, Level 2 swimming coach

• Talented Athlete development programme (Netball,)

• Spotting athletes potential ,scouting course

• Level 1, Bridging and Level 2 netball coach

• Approaching a Level 3 course

• Level C umpire (Netball)

• Workshop with Sue Hawkins the England Coach

• Workshop with Loughborough Lightening coach (How to excel athletes performances)

• A week with New Zealand coaches, watching the workshop and taking on board new ideas

Also Im a committee member of the stoke-on-Trent Junior league and adult league.

Fenton Manor Netball Club